FIRST 5 Resilient Families Grant

The funding we have received from First 5 San Luis Obispo County is provided by Proposition 10. First 5 SLO County advocates for and allocates funding to programs in SLO County that improve the lives of children from prenatal through age 5.

This funding supports children prenatal through age of 5 and their families.  This recognition not only supports First 5 and its partners, but more importantly it recognizes the critical growth, development and learning that take place in early childhood.

First 5 SLO County is a local independent government agency which works with its Commission and community partners to make sure children thrive in nurturing, respectful environments and enter school healthy and ready to learn. First 5 SLO County is a strong voice for children in this county, speaking up for needed programs, increased funding, enhanced awareness and understanding, and stronger partnerships that benefit children and families as a whole.

As a grant recipient, we are a partner in our mission to support children and families.

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