MP Health of Santa Barbara offers a full spectrum of pediatric therapy services, support groups and child/family counseling. Family participation in our therapy services is the cornerstone of our philosophy and a key component to ensure consistent success for all of our clients. We understand the important role that our children's families and caregivers play thus our viewpoint of providing a family-centered approach with all of our therapy services. Below, is our menu of services for children, ages 3 – young adults:

Speech-Language Pathology Services
We offer screenings, evaluations and therapy services for school age and young adult clients who present with a variety of articulation and language challenges. Our staff specializes in several areas of communication disorders such as apraxia, dysfluency, phonology, phonemic awareness, central auditory processing disorders and language delays.

Occupational Therapy Services
All of our OT evaluations and therapy services are conducted in our spacious and fun sensory gym at our clinic where our therapists focus on a variety of abilities for children such as feeding, sensory processing and regulation, handwriting (Handwriting Without Tears), balance, motor planning and activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy Services
All physical therapy evaluations and treatment services are conducted at our clinic in our large sensory gym. Here, we focus on mobility training, coordination, mobility, strength and equipment adaptations.

Social-Thinking Groups
Ongoing social groups are offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer and is facilitated by trained speech and language pathologists. We offer 5 levels of groups depending on age and need and conduct the groups in 12-week cycles. We heavily emphasize family consultation and carryover activities that focus on various aspects of social communication such as social flexibility, self-regulatory behavior, perspective taking and expected/unexpected social behaviors using training and philosophy of Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia Winner. For more information, please go to our Social Groups website at:

Counseling Services
MP Health Counseling offers a variety of mental health services to individuals, couples and children. We also offer group therapy services for single moms/teens and parent groups for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We also address numerous issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD, attachment disorders and substance abuse. Please call our office to make an appointment with one of our two counselors who speak both English and Spanish.

Autism Support Groups
We offer two FREE, weekly support groups for parents and caregivers who have children that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These groups are conducted at our clinic in a safe, confidential and supportive manner. They are facilitated by knowledgeable professionals that understand the need for families to connect and come together to talk about daily life, challenges and the joys of raising a child with ASD. Please call our office to reserve a spot.

Lucy Cancino, M.S. - Wednesdays @ 5:30 (English)
Mariano Requena, Psychologist/MFT-i – Thursdays @ 5:30 (Spanish)

Private School Services
MP Health provides on-site speech therapy and occupational therapy services for our private school community in the Santa Barbara area. This service is for children who do not have regular access to their public school programs or for schools who wish to have their own on-site therapy services. Here, we conduct all speech therapy and occupational therapy services on site for preschool to school age children who require screenings, evaluations and possible weekly therapy services. We also offer handwriting therapy services (screenings, evaluations, therapy and groups) on-site as well. For more information, please contact our director for more information and how to set up a program at your school.

Our multi-disciplinary team of therapists also works with and provides treatment to a wide variety of children as each of our therapists has areas of specialty, certifications and advanced training. We see children with a variety of conditions and diagnoses that include, but are not limited to treatment for:

All of our services for MP Health are provided at our facility on the West Side of Santa Barbara. Here, we have a large multi-purpose/multi-sensory gym with a variety of equipment and materials and where we conduct all of our services. We also have a comfortable lounge area for both our staff and families to wait while the children are provided their therapy services.

Rates & Insurance
Please check with your insurance carrier to find out about the benefits offered as many private insurance carriers (PPO’s and HMO’s) cover speech and occupational therapy. Medical/CenCal covers client evaluations during the school year and therapy services during our annual summer Camp Mariposas program. Children with ASD diagnosis can also get SLP & OT services with us through the Holman Group. Please contact our office to discuss our service rates and insurance coverage for your child’s evaluations and therapy services.

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